How to See a Doctor for Just 10 Dollars a Visit


Visit the health care resource's website for more information,
This is a place to start. This is a non profit organization is specializes in health care for the poor. Since this is not an insurance program, you will have to qualify with low income to benefit from the service.


In order for them to evaluate your situation, you will have to apply to see if you qualify to be a member. You can apply online by entering your family size, and monthly income. They will then do the calculation and determine your monthly fee. If you qualify, then you will probably have to pay a 30 dollars monthly fee.


After you purchase the plan, you will receive a member's card in the mail for your ID number and other information on it. On the back, there is a phone number that is listed.


To find family doctors that charge only 10 dollars in an area, called the phone number that's listed under membership benefit information for a list of family doctors that is willing to see you for only 10 dollars.


After you get the list, simply contact the doctor for an appointment and explain to him / her that you have healthcare resources and inquire again his / her charges for an appointment. After he confirms that he charges 10 dollars per visit, you can then see him by appointment at a convenient time for you.

Many people cannot afford healthcare, therefore, they don't go see a family doctor when they should. These people are usually poor and earn minimal wage that barely covers all the expenses. When the budget is tight, it is easy to miss important doctor's visit. With the government's help for people that are on tight budgets, everyone can afford essential health care. You need to spend only 10 dollars for a doctor's visit.