How to Get Private Health Insurance


Decide on the type of health insurance that you want to get. The two main types are: hospital and medical coverage. Hospital coverage is used as a way to insure you when you need a hospital stay. Additional medical coverage insures all medical visits.


Research different insurance plans online. The eHealth Insurance website can provide you with instant quotes from dozens of insurance companies.


Employ a health underwriter to help you. If you are having trouble understanding and comparing private health insurance plans then hire someone to do the work for you. These professionals research health plans and let you know the best ones for you.


Fill out an application for the private health insurance once you have decided on a plan. The application is likely to inquire about your current health and require that you disclose any pre-existing medical conditions.


Wait to hear back from the insurance carrier. If you are accepted into the plan, they'll send you all the applicable paperwork and set up a payment schedule.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you need private health insurance for a short period of time, look into short term health insurance plans. These plans can provide coverage for when you are in between jobs or recently graduated from college.
  • The more extras that you require, the higher the premium payments will be. Dental, vision and prescription coverage are all going to cost you extra.
  • In some cases, people choose to take out their own private health insurance coverage. They may need the coverage as a supplement or they are not employed by a business that provides health insurance. Once you decide that you need the private health insurance, your goal is to get the best coverage for the least amount of money.