What Does a Medical Technologist Do?

Specialty Areas

Technologists perform testing in different areas with different types of technology. They must be able to use a microscope, know all the different blood morphology in white and red blood cells, know how to perform immunology testing for testing the AIDS virus and testing for bacteria, viruses and fungus.

Blood Transfusions

Technologists perform blood matching for blood transfusions. This testing is more complicated than having the same blood types. Technologists must be able to analyze under a microscope if proteins in the blood samples are compatible.

Supervisory Roles

Technologists can fulfill a supervisory role. Even when they are supervisors, they must keep their skills up. If an employee is out sick, the supervisor must take over the duties for that day.

Quality and Testing

Technologists must be able to do more than just analyze specimens. The technologist performs constant quality assurance in his work. If a test is repeated the same results, must be able to be obtained.


Technologists compare chemical contents in the blood to what the value should be. A medical laboratory technologist is trained to examine and analyze body fluids and cells. In laboratories, the majority of these duties are automatically performed on a machine. The technologists must also know how to examine and analyze all cells manually by sight and under a microscope. Their training is critical because the body fluids they analyze will be given to physicians, who will use their results to treat a patient's medical condition.