Special Gifts for Dentists

Thank You Plaque

Thank you plaques are a great way to show your dentist that you appreciate his hard work. MemorableGifts.com offers a clear acrylic plaque made for placement on the desk. Engraved with the traditional caduceus medical symbol, the website also allows you to personalize the thank-you plaque with your own message and dentist's name. At a cost of less than thirty dollars, this is the perfect gift that any dentist is sure to appreciate.

Caduceus Cufflinks

The caduceus symbol represents the medical symbol of the medical profession. This symbol creates a symbol of pride across the board and is sure to please any dentist. A pair of elegant, stylish caduceus cufflinks can be purchased from MemorableGifts.com, and will look great with nearly any dress shirt or suit jacket. These high-quality cufflinks cost about thirty dollars, making an affordable gift for a dentist you appreciate.

Dentist Fountain Pens

A four-pack of elegant fountain pens with the caduceus symbol also makes the perfect gift for a special dentist. The Professional Collection offers this set of four for about $100 and includes a variety of deep, rich colors with laquer finish and gold-plated trim. This gifts also comes in an elegant holding case, perfect for gift-giving.

Dentist Figurine

For a more playful touch, consider an elegant dentist medical figurine. Costing just over $100 at The Professional Collection, this makes for a perfect addition to a dentist's desk or office space. The high-quality crafting displays a dentist working on a seated patient, capturing the perfect image of a dentist hard at work.

Dentist Tree Ornament

This makes a great holiday gift for any dentist. Personal Creations offers a Christmas tree ornament with a dentist in full uniform, and even allows for personalization with the dentist's name on the face mask. In hand, the dentist holds a large set of teeth and cleaning tool. At just over $10, this makes a special gift from the heart.

Dentist Key Ring

SunDog Co. offers a high-quality pewter keyring, with three dentist charms (tooth, examination mirror, and dental floss). This is both fun and functional, and costing just over $10, perfect for any special dentist.

Dentist Cookies

EdibleGiftsPlus.com sells a wide variety of customized cookies, including a dentist-themed gift pack. Cookies include teeth, smiles, toothpaste and dental floss. Costing just over $20 for about two dozen cookies, these are a special gift to satisfy any dentist's sweet tooth.

Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Trays

Home Wet Bar sells ice cube trays with a smile mold, making for a fun gift any dentist can enjoy. These trays come in a set of four, for just over five dollars.

You can view this gift at http://www.homewetbar.com/Frozen-Smiles-Ice-Cube-Trays-p-925.html.

Dentist Caricature

Give a Caricature offers customized dentist caricatures, displaying a dentist looking into an open set of teeth. This customized artwork costs about $100, and is sure to please any dentist with a humorous side.

You can see this item at http://www.giveacaricature.com/giftidea/dentistgift.shtml. Shopping for the perfect gifts for doctors and dentists can be difficult, as you want to capture their medical profession, while personalizing the gift to fit their personality. There are a variety of special, thoughtful gifts to consider, in a variety of price ranges.