Individual Grants for Health Care

Although most grant funding for health care is awarded to institutions, researchers and service organizations, a limited number of grants are available to assist individuals with a variety of health care needs. Offered primarily by nonprofit organizations and private foundations, grants for health care and related expenses vary widely in scope and type of support, but all aim to assist those in need of health-related services.

United Healthcare Children's Foundation (UHCCF)

The UHCCF offers a medical grant directly to families for children's health care services that are not covered by commercial health insurance. Grants are awarded for a wide variety of needs, including medications, physical therapy and mental health services. Application information and a screening questionnaire are available from the UHCCF website,

The Byron Riesch Paralysis Foundation

Most individual grants offered for health and medical issues target a specific disease or condition. The Byron Riesch Paralysis Foundation, for instance, makes available a charitable grant in varying amounts to those with spinal cord injuries or other neurological damage leading to paralysis. This grant is aimed at increasing mobility and maintaining quality of life through increased access to medical equipment and services. Application information is available at the foundation website,

The Challenged Athletes Foundation

Some individual grants support specific populations. The Challenged Athletes Foundation is a nationwide nonprofit which supports athletes of all ages who have disabilities and medical conditions. In order to assist with the high costs of health care and related medical conditions, the foundation offers individual grants for mobility support, rehabilitation and some medical expenses such as surgeries and medications. The foundation's website,, offers application information and referrals to additional services and support.

Cancer Care Direct Assistance

Cancer patients and survivors often struggle with costs related to treatment and recovery. CancerCare offers small individual grants to cancer patients nationwide. These funds provide direct payment assistance with treatment-related expenses not covered by health insurance, such as transportation costs, child care and home assistance. CancerCare also offers co-payment assistance for medications and other expenses. Application information is available from CancerCare's website,

Patient Advocate Foundation Grants

Health insurance may not cover all health care expenses. The Patient Advocate Foundation, a nonprofit organization assisting underinsured individuals facing medical debt nationwide, offers direct financial help for medical co-pays and prescription drugs. The foundation provides support for health care-related expenses not covered or insufficiently covered by existing health insurance. Applicants must have some form of health insurance. Application information and a qualifications checklist are available from the Patient Advocate Foundation website,