Home Health Training


Home health training introduces students to basic patient care techniques. Students learn emergency response skills and nutrition basics. They also learn how to safely move patients, administer daily range of motion exercises and complete medical documentation.


The cost of home health training varies widely. Many facilities offer free training; however, some facilities charge modest fees for the course, supplies and textbooks. Training sessions for home health aides typically last between three and 10 weeks. Potential home health aides must possess at minimum a high school diploma before starting a training program.


Some home health care training opportunities offer state certification. Home health aides are not required to obtain a license or certification; however, most states require at least 16 hours of training experience, according to Education-Portal.com. Nursing homes and other health care facilities offer home health aide training. Training sessions cover basic patient care skills such as bathing, nutrition and daily motion exercises. Home health aides often work in private residencies and, in some cases, work inside health care facilities.