Who Sells Medicare Supplement Plan F?

Plan F Features

Medicare supplement Plan F benefits include co-insurance for inpatient hospital days 61-150, full payment for 365 additional days, Part A and B deductibles, the 20\% Part B co-payment, skilled nursing facility co-payment, foreign emergency coverage, first three pints of blood and coverage for Part B "excess" charges.

Plan F Availability

Each state regulates insurers, including the Medicare supplement plans offered. The state insurance commission maintains information on each Medigap insurer licensed to offer Plan F, which is available in all states, except for Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Plan Variability

Plan F offers the same benefits regardless of the insurer or its location. Some plans, however, may impose waiting periods or pre-existing condition exclusions. Plan F premiums also vary, with some policies costing multiples of those offered by other insurers.

Top Plan F Insurers Nationally

All Medicare supplement insurers are required to offer Medigap basic Plan A. Due to the popularity of Plan F, virtually all of the larger insurers offer the policy, including AARP, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, State Farm, Anthem and Mutual of Omaha.

Finding Plan F in Your Area

The federal Medicare agency maintains a useful tool to assist beneficiaries in finding the best Medicare supplement to suit individual needs. Consult the Medicare supplement finder in the Resources section to get information on the top Plan F insurers in your area. Medicare Supplements cover co-payments, as well as items and services not covered by original Medicare. Medicare sets out 12 standard Medigap plans, labeled A through L. Plan F is the most popular.