How to Buy Individual Health Insurance


Shop around. Do your research. Go online and choose different companies. Sites like allows you to fill out a form and get quotes from different companies.


Know what you can afford. Make an assessment of what you will be able to payout each month. Do a monthly budget and see what you will be able to pay per month.


Once you receive quotes from several companies, read and understand fully what each policy covers. Decide on which offer matches your situation best.


Make sure you choose a policy that continues and renews.

Tips and Warnings

  • Many health insurance companies are offering deals. Make them compete for your business.
  • Most health insurance companies will not cover pre-existing conditions
  • We are on the verge on health care reform, like no other time in history. Many Americans are faced with not having health insurance. Many health insurance companies are now more than ever offering deals to people who don't have insurance. The most important thing to remember when looking to buy your own individual health insurance is to take your time and make the right decision.