How do I Work with a BA Psychology Degree in the Health Care Field?


Find work as a care giver by searching the online job search sites for personal home care support. Register with a care giving job placement agency, or submit your application to organizations that provide care giving support. Use resume writing skills to show any experience you have in care provision, or by highlighting the areas of study within your degree that taught you how to provide the care you seek to give.


Land a job as a child care worker by applying to agencies that manage residential treatment programs for teenagers or youth with developmental disabilities. Do this by submitting your application, sending the agency a resume, or watching local ads in local newspapers and online job search centers. Take advantage of the high turnover in this field by applying to child care behavioral programs that have a demonstrated high turnover rate with workers. Be patient as patience is the primary tool for the job, and waiting will reap rewards if the turnover is genuinely high. Be aware of the reasons for high turnover in this field and work them to your advantage.


Find a job as a home health aide by making a job search online, in local newspapers and by submitting applications to job placement agencies, organizations that hire home health aides, and by posting your own support provider ads. Develop your resume for this job by highlighting any experience you have had doing this, even if it is simply caring for your sick-at-home grandmother, or live-at-home brother who has a health issue needing care.


Find a job in group care management by submitting applications to group care facilities that support people with disabilities. Apply to homes that have clients suffering from physical, emotional and mental illness issues by contacting the local social services agency in your area and asking about group care homes that may be hiring. Obtain an entry level position and stay with a good agency to work your way up into group care management if you have only a degree and no previous experience.


Become a social worker by gaining a lot of case management experience. Do this by keeping jobs for years at a time, while working your way up through the ranks in the field of care provision you wish to stay. Utilize you local social service agents by speaking with them about their career details. Make a plan to target the position you feel is best suited to your personality. Remain focused on this goal while making job choices that support the experience you will need to arrive in that chosen position and pay scale.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always build bridges within management. Gain a reputation for patience, performance and delivery of objectives.
  • Jobs in residential care can be frustrating and emotionally draining. Choose the area best suited for your personality, to enhance your chosen career field and reduce job-related stress.
  • An entry-level job in the health field with a B.A. in psychology might not pay much more than minimum wage unless you have a good amount of experience, especially in case management. To get paid at least $16 per hour a person needs to have training and experience in order to properly manage anyone with a health-care case. Mental health care is the most likely area work is available to a person with a graduate psychology degree and residential child care and behavioral programs do look for someone with a bachelor's degree in psychology.