What Is Hospital Insurance?


Like basic health care plans, hospital insurance provides coverage for care received in a hospital setting, including surgeries and other inpatient medical procedures. However, a hospital insurance supplement is designed to fill in the gaps regarding the expenses your primary policy does not cover, such as a long-term hospital stay.


You can purchase hospital insurance coverage through a private health insurance company. If you are a senior citizen or meet certain other criteria, you can obtain coverage through Medicare Part A. According to the Social Security Administration, Medicare Part A assists with paying costs associated with inpatient hospital,

home, nursing home and hospice care.


If you are planning to enroll in a hospital insurance plan, consider the limits and details of the policy's coverage. For example, according to the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, hospital benefits may only cover surgeries or the cost of the hospital stay. These plans, which do not cover prescription drugs, should be viewed as add-ons to an existing major medical plan. Considering the millions of people without health insurance in the United States, you may feel fortunate if you do have coverage. However, major medical plans do not cover all health care expenses--including certain hospital services.