Radiology Technician Jobs in Charlotte, North Carolina


Radiology technician jobs in Charlotte involve more than simply taking X-rays. North Carolina health care providers also look to technicians to help prepare patients for the procedure by explaining it in detail and providing the liaison between the referring physician and the actual facility that provides the radiology services.


North Carolina radiology technicians have the opportunity to increase their employability by receiving additional training in medical sonography, cardiovascular imaging, or nuclear medicine technology. The broader your skill set as a radiology tech, the greater your chances of finding lucrative employment in North Carolina.


Prior to applying for work in Charlotte, prospective radiology technicians need to pass the training programs accredited by the federal government. To increase their appeal to potential employers, skilled radiologists also participate in the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists' (a link is placed in the Resources section) sponsored voluntary certification process; however, since the state of North Carolina does not have any specific standards, there is no state-specific license that you need to apply for.


The premier source of radiology technician jobs in Charlotte, North Carolina, is Charlotte Radiology (a link is provided in the Resources section). With venues in breast imaging centers, hospitals, and also outpatient X-ray facilities--and an extensive array of radiology services--it receives referrals from Charlotte physicians and also from surrounding areas.

Other Venues for Radiology Technician Jobs in Charlotte, North Carolina

Job seekers in the radiology technician field can also enlist the help of the Health Care website (a link is posted in the Resources section) that lists 35 radiology labs in the Charlotte area. Each listing features contact information, specialties covered at the lab and in some cases also a website. This is a perfect means of sending resumes to targeted venues. A radiology technician in Charlotte, North Carolina, may expect to be employed by a hospital, doctor's office that maintains an X-ray machine, or private venues that provide off-site radiology for referring medical-care providers. It is noteworthy that prospective applicants for a job as a radiology technician in North Carolina do not have to be state licensed since there are no state-specific standards.