Pharmacist Career Opportunities

Research and Development

Pharmacists could become researchers in laboratories or drug companies. They can be involved in the development of new drugs. Being a part of the process of manufacturing new products can be rewarding. Seeing the drug product go from experimental to store shelves is an awesome experience.

Retail Pharmacy

Retail pharmacists dispense medications within communities. They maintain patient records and advise patients on the proper use of their medications.

Hospital Pharmacy

Pharmacists can work in hospitals where they advise doctors and nurses about medications. They are able to counsel patients, and also assist in choosing medications for the patients.

Independent Pharmacy

Many pharmacists decide to go into business for themselves. Working as an independent pharmacist in a community has great benefits. You are an entrepreneur while simultaneously serving your community as a trusted health professional.

Longterm Care

Pharmacists working in group homes or psychiatric facilities are important to patient care. Patients benefit by to having a pharmacist available to adjust doses when needed, or to change medications completely. Pharmacists in these facilities must keep accurate records to share with the patient's medical doctor. Pharmacists play an important role in health care and in the improvement of patient care. Pharmacy is a career that is certainly in demand. All pharmacists must be ethical in delivering properly labeled, prepared, and packaged medications to their customers. Providing the best service to their customers in an effort to promote good health is their main goal. There are many career options to consider in the field of pharmacy.