How to Use Bath Safety Equipment


Read instructions. Most pieces of bath safety equipment, especially larger pieces and those requiring assembly, will come with instructions and precautions included in their packaging. These may affect where and how you use your bath safety equipment so read this information carefully.


Install the equipment as instructed. Follow installation directions carefully, as they are usually meant to ensure both the integrity of the bathroom where the equipment is being installed and the safety of the person using it. For example, wall grab bars must be anchored into the wall's studs when installed to guarantee their structural stability. Failure to do so could result in the bar pulling loose from the wall when used.


Pay attention to limitations. Pieces of bath safety equipment like bath benches and commode chairs will have weight capacities listed on their packaging and some will also include optimal heights for the user if the equipment is not adjustable. These height and weight limitations are meant to guarantee that the equipment will be able to support the user and that the user will be able to use it with ease. The use of a bath bench by someone who exceeds the weight limit or does not meet the height requirement could result in injury.


Adjust the equipment if necessary. Most pieces of bath safety equipment, whether a larger piece like a commode chair or a smaller and more basic piece like a grab bar or a reaching aid, will have handles, legs, arms or backs that are adjustable to make them comfortable for the user and to avoid the aggravation of any existing injuries. Experiment with heights until you find one that is most advantageous for use.


Assist with usage. If you have purchased bath safety equipment for an aging or injured loved one, assist them during the initial usage of the equipment to make sure they understand how to use it and that they feel safe doing so. This will allow you to watch for any bench legs or bar attachments that do not seem entirely stable and adjust or tighten them if necessary.


Replace equipment when needed. Larger pieces of equipment that sustain a significant amount of impact on a regular basis, like bath seats and commode chairs, may break down after a long period of usage just like any large equipment. Do not continue to use equipment if you feel it is not as sturdy or stable as it once was. Replace the old equipment with a new piece that is safe.

Bath safety equipment includes a wide range of products that are used to make a bathroom safe and accessible to individuals with decreased mobility and stability. Once you have selected the right bath safety equipment for your needs, proper use of the equipment is important to ensure safety. Follow these steps to use bath safety equipment.