How to Apply a Posey Vest on a Patient in a Wheel Chair


Assess the patient to make sure using the Posey vest is necessary (use all viable options to restrain the patient before resorting to the vest) and that the patient can handle being restrained in the vest.


Move the patient so his or her back is flush against the back-rest of the wheelchair.


Put the Posey vest on the patient by sliding it up one arm, wrapping it around the patient's back, and then sliding the other side up the other arm. The v-neck side should be in the front with the right side of the vest over the left side.


Push the left strap through the slot in the right side of the vest and pull the straps so the vest is tight enough to restrain the patient but loose enough to allow the patient to breathe comfortably.


Bring the straps around the patient's hips and cross the straps behind the frame below the wheelchair seat.


Tie the straps to the wheelchair frame near the kick spurs, so the ties aren't accessible to the patient.


Assess the patient to ensure he or she is comfortable and the restraint functions correctly.

Tips and Warnings

  • Remove the Posey vest if the patient exhibits a negative physical reaction to it, such as difficulty breathing or a rash or abrasion associated with the vest.
  • The Posey vest is a medical device used to restrain patients who need to be still when receiving care or are aggressive toward health care professionals who attempt to treat them. The vest can be necessary when administering medicine and shots and during the transport of a patient. Applying the vest is easy; however, if it's put on the patient incorrectly, there is the possibility of suffocation and death.