How do I Prepare for a Social Security Disability Comprehensive Physical Examination?


Review the letters and paperwork your primary physicians have completed. Make sure the letters not only explain your condition, but detail why it limits your ability to work. Social Security needs to know how your medical or mental condition affects your daily life and your ability to work. If your letters do not contain this information, ask your doctor to write an additional letter.


Prepare for the doctor to ask you questions regarding your medical history and the issues surrounding your current medical or mental issues. When asked questions, include how this affects your life and your ability to work. If you are depressed, do not just say you are sad daily, but explain exactly how this affects you. For example, "I cry several times a day. I could never work a full day with others or with customers without having multiple crying spells."


Refuse to lie. Medical examiners are trained to recognize exaggeration. Be honest with your symptoms, experiences and how you are affected.

Tips and Warnings

  • It is crucial to show the physician that your condition impacts your life enough to limit or prevent you from work.
  • A Social Security disability comprehensive physical examination is a daunting experience for most people. It is a required part of a disability claim and the exam is performed by a doctor the Social Security office has chosen. He will examine you and provide a report to Social Security. His findings, as well as the reports from your physicians, will be reviewed to determine if you qualify for Social Security disability.