EKG Technician Careers

An electrocardiogram (EKG) technician records and interprets electrocardiograms. Electrocardiograms record the electric activity of the heart. These readings are used in a number of ways. Primarily they help doctors determine the health of a patient's heart and heart rate. EKG's are also used to diagnose heart disease. Technicians often learn on the job as licensing or training are often not required. Training programs do exist and are usually offered through trade schools and community colleges.


Many EKG technicians work in hospitals. More often than not, EKG techs working in that setting will administer tests on patients who have recently experienced a heart attack or are suffering from some form of heart disease. Finding work in a hospital may be easier than finding work in clinics. This is in part due to many hospitals staying open 24 hours. Clinics tend to have more set hours. Those EKG technicians willing to work odd hours, such as graveyard shifts, may find it easier to obtain employment through hospital work. Hospitals often pay better as well.

Doctors' Offices & Clinics

Working in a clinic or a doctor's office is another possibility for an EKG technician. Again, pay will likely be slightly lower than hospitals but hours will be more regular. This is a good option for those with families or individuals who find themselves unable to keep less traditional hours. The work will be the same as if you work in a hospital for the most part. The one main difference being that you'll likely work with fewer patients who are suffering from an immediate health concern.


EKG technicians are also hired by companies which perform routine physicals. The more basic physicals do not include an EKG. On the other hand, they are often used in more involved physicals. They give a good reading of one's heart health. Since many businesses, sports teams and other companies and organizations require individuals to receive full physical examinations, EKG technicians are often called in to perform their work. This line of work might be especially well suited to those looking for part time work.