What Is Mediclaim Insurance?

Policy Coverage

Individual, group and overseas policies are available for health coverage from Mediclaim. Individuals between the ages of five and 80 can receive coverage, and children between three and five years of age can be added to the plan under their parents. Institutions, corporate bodies and associations are also eligible for Mediclaim benefits.


Mediclaim is not only designed to reimburse individuals who have hospital stays. It's also designed to cover boarding costs, nursing costs and fees associated with consultants and specialists. Procedures for anesthesia, medicines and drugs, X-rays and artificial limbs are other areas that are covered under the Mediclaim policy.


Claims for the Mediclaim plan are payable once treatment is given from a registered hospital or nursing home. Treatment that occurs outside of a hospital or nursing home can be covered, but only if it meets certain guidelines, such as having constant availability of qualified doctors and nursing staff. Mediclaim funds are only payable in Indian currency and treatment must occur in India only. Public and private insurance companies in India offer Mediclaim Insurance as a hospitalization benefit policy. This policy insures the cost of medical expenses following a hospital stay of insured individuals. Sudden illness, accidents and surgery for diseases all fall under the coverage of Mediclaim Insurance.