Purchasing Prescription Medicine Online

Choose a Reliable Online Pharmacy

Choose a reliable online pharmacy within the US. According to the FDA, purchasing prescription medicines from companies outside the US is dangerous. Look for a pharmacy that is licensed in the US. It must require that you submit a prescription. Any pharmacy that does not require a prescription is operating outside the law and cannot be trusted. Risks of using an unlicensed pharmacy include counterfeit drugs that can be dangerous to your health, and the possibility of credit card fraud or identity theft.

Place the Order

Locate your prescription medications and add them to your cart. Verify the drug name, dosage and number of pills needed. You will need to create an account and pay for your prescriptions. The pharmacy should require you to fill answer some questions about your medical history as well. If you have questions about your medications, a licensed pharmacist should be available. If you take the same medications daily, you may save more by ordering a three-month or six-month supply.

Transfer the Prescription

The last step is to transfer the prescription to the pharmacy. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. The easiest and fastest method is to have your doctor fax the pharmacy, call in or send in an electronic prescription. You can also transfer your prescription from your previous pharmacy. Mailing in the original prescription is the slowest method and should only be used if you have enough medication on hand to allow for the additional time. You can also have the pharmacy contact your doctor, though most online pharmacies will require an extra fee for this service. Once your prescription has been received and verified, the pharmacy will ship your medications to you. Ordering prescription drugs online is becoming very popular because of the savings and convenience. According to the FDA, when drugs are ordered by computer, prescription errors are minimized. Some people may be reluctant to fill prescriptions at their local pharmacy due to privacy issues. Whatever the reason for choosing an online pharmacy, you should be able to consult with a licensed pharmacist and receive information about your prescriptions.