How to Get a Temporary Medicaid Card


Get a Medicaid application from your local Social Security office or call the office and have one mailed to you. Complete the application and send it back in to your local Social Security office.


Go to your local office for an interview with a Medicaid worker. You will be called to set up an interview time one to two weeks after submitting your application.


Tell the worker at the front desk of the office that you are seeking a temporary Medicaid card. The worker will send you to a supervisor who deals specifically with temporary card requests.


Explain to the supervisor the urgent medical need that warrants receiving a temporary Medicaid card. The supervisor may ask for documentation such as medical bills or a diagnosis letter from a doctor. If the supervisor feels that you truly have an urgent medical crisis, he will then arrange for you to receive a temporary card.

Signing up for Medicaid benefits can be a long and drawn out process. After submitting an application and going into your local Medicaid office for a face-to-face interview, you can expect to wait an additional ninety days before a final decision on your eligibility is made. For some people, however, that is entirely too long. If a legitimate medical emergency exists, a temporary Medicaid card may be issued to help cover medical and hospital costs.