How to Disenroll in Medicare Part D


First you must call the medicare office. There is a national medicare office. The office number for the medicare office is 800-633-4227. Be prepared to call the office several times if necessary. The number is frequently busy. You may be put on hold if you call. Consider calling early in the morning or later in the afternoon to increase your chances of speaking to someone quickly.


Make sure that you have your medicare claim number at hand. You can find this number on your medicare card. The card number will have roughly ten digits on it. Make sure that you can read each digit carefully. If you can't make out a digit you can always use your legal name to answer questions.


Indicate to the person answering the phone that you want to drop your medicare part D coverage. You will be asked several questions about your reasons for wanting to disenroll in the medicare part D program. Be prepared to explain your reasons for dropping coverage.


Contact your medicare part D provider. Another way to drop your medicare part D coverage is to contact the provider of the coverage. The provider's number should be on your medicare card. If you can't find it there you should be able to find it on the payments you make each month. There should be a toll free number that you can call to disenroll in medicare part D.


Write a letter to your medicare part D provider. If you wish to disenroll in medicare part D coverage by speaking to your provider you will be required to put this request in writing. The provider will tell you what to put in the letter and where you need to send it.

Tips and Warnings

  • In general you can disenroll in medicare part D during the enrollment period. Disenrolling during another part of the year is not possible.
  • Medicare is a government run health care plan. People may qualify to join this plan if they meet certain criteria such as age or disability. Medicare is divided into four separate parts. The part of medicare that covers prescription drugs is known as medicare part D. If you want to stop enrolling in this program there are several steps you must take.