How to Change a Name on an OHIP Card


Visit the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website and print out a Change of Information form, which is listed under the number 0280-82.


Fill in Section A of the form with your Health Number, gender, date of birth, name, and telephone number. Complete Section B by filling in your mailing address and residence.


Enter your new information into Section C. Write in the name you wish to appear on your OHIP card, and fill in the date on which the name change took effect.


Obtain an original document stating you have legally changed your name. Acceptable documents are marriage certificates, certified statement of marriage, change of name certificate or a record of marriage form.


Go to your local OHIP office with your completed form and document. You can locate an OHIP office near you using the locator on the Ontario Services website. A new card will be issued free of charge.

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan, offered by the Canadian Ministry Health, covers medical procedures deemed necessary by a doctor. In order to receive these procedures and have them covered by OHIP, you will need to have an OHIP card and be a resident of Ontario. If you're an OHIP members who has legally changed your name, you must also have it changed on their OHIP card to continue receiving benefits. Name changes are done through your local OHIP office.