How to Buy Medical Supplies and a Raised Toilet Seat


Start by making a list of all the medical supplies you need to buy besides the raised toilet seat. Examples might include rolling shower chairs, toilet safety rails and bath grab bars. If you're not sure what types of medical supplies you need, consult with the healthcare provider of the person you're caring for.


Create a budget for the medical supplies you plan to purchase. Research the general price ranges for all the medical supplies on your list by searching online for medical suppliers (e.g.,,,, and then searching their websites for the supplies you're looking for. The price range for a raised toilet seat is about $15 to $100. Decide how much you can afford for each of the medical supplies on your list, then add up all the different amounts to figure out your overall budget.


Contact local medical supply companies in your area. These can be found by using the Yellow Pages or by searching online using a simple Internet search, such as "find medical suppliers" and the name of your city or town. You can also ask the healthcare provider for the person you're caring for to refer you to a medical supplier. Ask salespeople any questions you may have about their selection or medical supplies in general.


Compare the selection and price ranges you find online to those you found at the local companies. Consider the advantages and disadvantages to ordering your medical supplies online versus through the local companies. For example, you may be able to find a better deal on a raised toilet seat online, but you don't have the benefit of speaking to a salesperson face-to-face who can help you select the right features for your needs, such as a locking mechanism or built-in handgrips.

When you're caring for someone who has special needs, is disabled or is recovering from a major surgery, you're likely going to need to buy medical supplies. A raised toilet seat is one example of a medical supply you may need to purchase, but there are many different types of supplies you might need to adequately care for your loved one. Put in the effort to find the right supplies for your needs, and you'll have your home fully equipped in no time.