Blue Cross Health Insurance for Those With Pre-Existing Conditions

Children with Preexisting Conditions

As of September 2010, BCBSA individual healthcare plans, which do not include those filed by a group plan under an employer, may not cover applicants or will exclude related coverage if the applicant has a specific preexisting condition such as diabetes, high-blood pressure or depression. However, the Healthcare Reform Act stipulates that as of September 2010, children cannot be denied healthcare due to preexisting conditions, and BCBSA is no exception.

Landmark Changes

On January 1st, 2014, all BCBSA applicants will be given coverage regardless of preexisting condition. This policy includes individual healthcare packages.

Omitting Preexisting Conditions on Applications

According to Blue Cross Blue Shield's Anti-Fraud Brochure, omitting a preexisting condition from an application is tantamount to insurance fraud, which is punishable under state and federal law. The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, or BCBSA, insures over 100 million Americans, has been in business since the 1920s, and has companies in 39 states. For the first time in history, the preexisting condition policies at BCBSA are changing in 2014 under the Healthcare Reform Act.