How to Find a Good Healthcare Seminar


Jot down healthcare issues or concerns you have about you and your family's healthcare. Are you interested in a specific condition or disease, or do you want to learn more about general healthcare? Is there a disorder that runs in your family that you need to learn more about or are you pregnant and need to know about what to expect for the next nine months? Writing down your issues and needs helps you to narrow your seminar choices.


Research seminars online at websites like Lorman Education Services or Seminars for Health to find schedules for your area. Lorman's lists seminars by state but they offer seminars other than healthcare ones, so you will need to look carefully through the list.(See Resources below.)


Contact your local community college or university for information about healthcare seminars that will be held on campus. Ask about college credits you can earn through these college-based seminars.


Talk to your local healthcare establishment to find out about seminars or classes held at that facility. Ask whether reservations are necessary and if there is any cost involved.


Consider organizing a healthcare seminar for your community. This is a great option when you live in a small community where seminars are not held with any regularity. Contact a national seminar company like those listed in "Resources" or contact the marketing or education director at your local hospital or clinic to find a local doctor or nurse who is interested in public speaking. Offer them a fee based on what you earn from ticket sales, or ask if your speaker would do the seminar without a fee.

Tips and Warnings

  • Check the credibility of the speaker before taking a seminar to ensure that you are getting accurate information.
  • Do not pay for the seminar until you have researched the company presenting it and the speaker featured to make sure both are reputable.
  • You've heard the old adage that "Information is power." This is especially true when talking about healthcare. To find out more about healthcare and the options that you or your family may have, consider attending a healthcare seminar. Use these steps to find the best healthcare seminar near you or organize one of your own.