Information About Detox Centers


Detox centers help addicts get clean of alcohol, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs and other addictive substances.


Drugs and alcohol are kept away from addicts in detox centers, giving time for the body to naturally remove the addictive substance from the body.

Detox Drugs

Drugs are used to help remove addictive substances from an addict's system. Drugs used are clonidine, Librium, buprenorphine and methadone.


Some foods are better to eat when detoxing than others. Fruits and vegetables are good for detox, while dairy products, wheat, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, additives, chocolate and preservatives are bad for detox.


Counseling is used to diminish emotional withdrawal symptoms and to help addicts come up with alternative coping mechanisms to drug abuse.

Stay Length

Addicts are kept under supervision for the first 24 hours. Afterward, patients are kept in detox centers for one to two weeks. Drug detox centers are effective in helping drug and alcohol addicts recover from addiction. Addicts are assisted in coping with withdrawal symptoms and are given counseling to help them deal with destructive thought patterns that lead to drug abuse.