How to Qualify for Medicare Benefits


Apply for Medicare benefits once you reach your 65th birthday, which is typically the minimum age when you become eligible to receive them. Make certain that you have proof that you are a legal resident or citizen of the United States.


Make sure that you or your spouse will be able to show proof that you were employed for a minimum period of 10 years at workplaces that were covered by Medicare, in order to qualify for Medicare benefits. Paperwork and documentation to support evidence of this may need to be provided by you.


Find out what Medicare benefits are available if you are being paid Social Security benefits. Medicare is usually offered to those on Social Security. Social Security is not only paid out to those 65 years old and older, but to individuals below age 65. It is also paid out to those who suffer from a physical or mental disability that limits their ability to work or be gainfully employed for 12 months or beyond, although you must have been receiving disability for a minimum of two years before you can qualify for Medicare.


Provide evidence that you have been receiving disability benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board for a minimum period of two years to qualify for Medicare. Railroad Retirement Board disability benefits are paid out to retired railroad workers, and they do not receive Social Security benefits. The Board provides retirement benefits to its employees and qualifies them for Medicare coverage.


Show medical evidence, supported by a doctor's or medical specialist's statement, that your child has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, or is suffering from a serious kidney or renal condition, and she may be able to qualify for Medicare benefits.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always be able to provide supporting paperwork and documentation to prove your eligibility.
  • Medicare is a government-backed health insurance program offering coverage for individuals who fit the necessary requirements. Approved applicants are given a special card, which provides their Medicare identification number that entitles them to have a certain percentage of their health care costs paid. It is made up of several parts that you can choose to include or not include. Part A provides coverage for hospital stays and costs. Part B covers the costs of outpatient medical services and some medical equipment and products. Part C is referred to as the Medicare Advantage Plan, which helps to cover costs not paid by parts A and B. Part D helps to pay for prescription drugs. It is important to try to get some type of health insurance in these days of rising medical costs, and Medicare could be the best option for you. While it doesn't pay all of your costs, Medicare does pay a generous portion. If you want to qualify for these benefits or see if a family member qualifies, you will need to find out what things make you eligible.