How to Pass an Army Flight Medic Course


Request enrollment in an Army Flight Medic Course when you have more than two years of active duty ahead of you. This intensive training program requires four weeks and may be held at the Fort Rucker School of Aviation Medicine in Alabama.


Study the material posted at the online training course designed for the 91WF Flight Medic program. This is the theoretical part of the schooling and may be taken at any time. All the information offered there may be found on the final test, and it is imperative that you spend a good deal of time digesting the facts and figures.


Familiarize yourself with the standard operating procedures that are observed by flight medics. These include the policies and procedures that must be followed when a patient is prepared for combat zone evacuation, a patient is transferred from one care facility to another while flying over hostile territory, a patients is a minor, a patient refuses on-site treatment, there is a chance of contamination or infection, and finally a patient requests no resuscitation. This requires a fair amount of memorization.


Study and demonstrate to the tester a theoretical and hands-on understanding of emergency medical procedures, such as temporary splinting, controlling blood loss, restoring the ability to breathe and intubation of a patient during combat and air flight simulation.


Correctly identify a number of conditions the tester describes with a minimum of symptoms. Pay special attention to differentiating a possible stroke from a potential seizure.


Display an understanding or how to handle severe combat injuries ranging from amputation, exposure to nerve gas, to partial disembowelment. Moreover, you are required to explain the approved set of modalities for dealing with patients affected by weather related conditions, such as frostbite or sun blindness.


Pass a test on hypothetically posed behavioral patient problems, such as shell shock, suicidal tendencies and panic attacks. Additionally, know that you need to be up to date on pharmaceutical treatment options for a wide range of conditions that are both psychological and physiological in nature. Once you pass, you may take the Flight Medics’ Oath.

A four week Army Flight Medic Course is designed to equip you with the hands-on training required to render medical assistance to civilians and military personnel alike. You learn how to quickly evaluate the extent of injuries sustained, prepare the patient for transport and also provide help during an actual flight. To pass an Army Flight Medic Course, you must demonstrate that you have the ability to provide this kind of medical care during practice sessions simulating everyday situations and also battlefield venues.