How to Maximize Your Health Benefits


What are your options:
Contacting your health care human-resource service representative about discount prescription list. Having a list of medication that are at a cheaper price can save money on unnecessary spending. Purchasing generics are just the same as purchasing the name brand. Unless your current PCP has preferred the name brand over the generic.
You may want to also inquire on membership discounts. Your health care provider may offer discounts to local gyms, and fitness centers. The one thing that your health care provider is interested in is your health.


What is my coverage:
You have to make sure that your in complete understanding of your coverage. The last thing your going to want is an unexpected medical bill in the mail from your last doctors visit. Make sure you know how many free office visits you have, or how much your office visit deductible is. If your doctor wants to refer you to a specialist, make sure your health care plan covers that particular doctors office. Inform your PCP if you are not covered at the office that they may have referred you to. Staying within your plans accepted providers will save you a headache later.


What if:
If you have health care coverage through an employer, you may want to ask about different plan options in case of termination. You want to have something to fall back on. Ask if your pay can be garnished and placed in a flexible spending account, so in the time of need you can have the funds to pay for what ever medical coverage you may need. Remember maximizing your healthcare benefits are essential and should not be overlooked. If your position is terminated and your employer does not offer a flexible spending account, try to get everything you can during your employment at your company. Having prescriptions extended to a 90 day supply vs. a 30 day supply will give you the gabs you need when your financially strapped. Schedule your well maintenance appointments before the expiration date of your coverage. Ask your companies health plan if they offer individual plans. You may be able to stay with your same provider, at a different rate.

Having the right health plan, and maximizing all of the resources that can be accessed is in your best interest. When it come to your health or your families health, the benefits on your plan can not be overlooked.