How to Get in Shape The Right Way


Now here are few simple steps for you to follow for you to have the great figure you've always dream about. i will be talking here base on my own experience for more than 12 years now and i hope you will follow it by heart.


Rule no.1 is Do not read beauty magazines because it will only make you feel ugly. whether its a mens magazine or womens it doesnt make a difrence, they will only make you think that your case is hopeless.


Rule no.2 is Do not believe anything you read on food labels more so with diet books because it will only make things more complicated. They are there solely for the pupose of making money and helping you is the least of there worries.


Food is one of the major factors on diet programs and eating the right kinds of food can either make you or break you. Avoid High carbohydrate diet and eat little as possible. alot of people make the mistake that because what they're eating is not carbs they tend to eat alot. that is so wrong. Get a fruit diet at night, thats the best food there is.


Avoid sugar or anything that contains artificial sugar. No matter how your juice label says that it contains no sugar or its been suplemented with other things the best drink there is is only WATER WATER WATER WATER.


Avoid salty foods because salty foods tends to make you eat more. The 2nd major factor is Exercise and the key to how to have an effective exercise is you got to have plenty of rest before you exercise, always have an 8 hour sleep the most so you wont feel lazy to wake up each morning to do your morning run.


There you go folks and if you wanna learn more about it you can email me at Bon\

Why is getting in shape and getting the kind of body we've always wanted so hard even with all those weight lose programs and diet books written about it we stil fail to achieve that goal?