How to Find an Alternative Doctor in Ireland


Assess the urgency of your condition. If you are in desperate need of treatment, you will need an alternative doctor who is also trained in common western medicine, or has a connection with a local hospital in case of emergency services. If you are in need of less-intensive care in the way of acupuncture, massage, herbal remedies, or other alternative care, you will have the luxury of additional time in order to seek out the best health practitioner for you.


Research a doctor in your area who can best suit your assessed needs. In Ireland you will have the benefit of a local community that you can simply ask to discover who is the best local practitioner. For more in-depth research, consult the list of licensed practitioners as deemed by the Minister of Health and Children directory to discover the most clinically trained alternative doctors in your area.

Search "health physicians" in your local yellow pages and call offices individually to inquire about costs and services. Remember: though some private health care schemes do not include alternative doctors, the public health program limits the costs of doctor visits.


Select an alternative doctor out of the list of candidates you have compiled. It is always preferable to meet your doctor in person, or at least have held a phone conversation, before narrowing your selection. As alternative health professionals are more difficult to regulate than the more institutional, typical health practitioners found in "traditional" hospitals and doctor's offices, it is a good idea to make your decision carefully. Speak to other patients and get an idea of the doctor's ethics and medical experience. The most essential quality to look for before making your decision is whether or not you trust the health practitioner.

Internationally recognized for its deep lineage of herbalist and midwife traditions, Ireland offers a plethora of alternative health practitioners to its citizens. Though it is generally wise to seek a "traditional" doctor or clinic if you find yourself in an emergency situation, alternative doctors can offer preventative care in order to pre-empt many health issues and diseases, as well as providing immediate treatment.