How to Apply For Medicaid For Pregnant Women


Call the Human Resources Department or Social Services in your county. Explain that you are calling for a Medicaid for Pregnant Women application. Usually, you can pick it up or they send it to you through the mail. Fill out all the necessary paperwork and return it to the office.


Get your paperwork organized. As with other Medicaid applications, you have to provide proof of income, residency, and everyone living in your home. You need to locate social security cards and your driver's license.

In addition, Medicaid for Pregnant women ask for proof of pregnancy. This doesn't mean bringing the pregnancy test from home. You need a medical expert to provide proof of pregnancy.

If you can't afford to go to the doctor, visit your local health department. They can fill out the proper paperwork for proof of pregnancy for you to take to the Medicaid office.

Keep all of these documents for your appointment at the Medicaid office.


Make an appointment when the Medicaid office calls you. Take in all of the paperwork from step 2. They usually let you know that day if you qualify.

Even if you think you may not qualify, if you are uninsured, apply anyway. The Medicaid for Pregnant Women program is not as strict on income for pregnancies.

If you do not qualify for Medicaid for Pregnant Women, don't panic. There are other programs that the state offers to help pregnant women receive adequate care, such as the Medically Needy Program.


Keep all medical bills from the pregnancy, before getting on Medicaid for Pregnant Women. The state reimburses you for this. On the day of the appointment, speak to the Medicaid worker about the past bills.

Tips and Warnings

  • Once your baby is born, he too, is covered under your Medicaid for a short time period.
  • Medicaid For Pregnant Women lasts for several weeks after your baby is born.
  • Medicaid for Pregnant Women is a state program intended to help uninsured pregnant women receive the proper prenatal and post natal care. If you are pregnant and uninsured, due to the loss of a job, or for some other reason, you could qualify. Read on to discover how to apply for this state program. Make sure you and your baby receive all of the medical care you need.