Do Health Insurance Companies Cover Children Past the Age of 18 if They Are not Going to College?

Children through 26

A child up to the age of 26 can now be covered under her parent's health insurance regardless of school-enrollment, tax or marital status. The only exclusion is if the child is eligible for health insurance under her own employer.

Children under 19

Pre-existing conditions may no longer be imposed on children up to the age of 19 regardless of the condition or disability, under the act. This will apply to employer plans and individual health insurance plans.

Getting Children Covered

Starting with open enrollment in 2010, for the 2011 calendar year, parents will be able to enroll their children in their health insurance benefits. As of September of 2010, the Affordable Care Act, a package of health care reforms, provides that children under the age of 26 can be covered in their parents' major medical health insurance plan without having to be full-time students.