About Fold-And-Go Scooters


Many fold-and-go scooters can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly, such as the Fold-n-go Traveler Mobility Scooter, which takes about one minute.


Fold-and-go scooters operate on rechargeable batteries that remain charged for 10 miles or more. For example, the “Caddy,” by On The Go Mobility runs for 12 to 15 miles on one charge.

Weight Capacity

The maximum weight for fold-and-go scooters varies by model, but most can accommodate up to 250 pounds. The seat of the Travel Scoot can hold a maximum of 320 pounds, plus additional parcel or luggage weight on its frame.

Scooter Weight

Fold and go scooters are lightweight, with a total weight of between 35 and 75 pounds without the battery. Individual pieces weigh less.


Medicare pays for 80 percent of the allowed cost, provided that the deductible for Part B has been met. Specific requirements must be met for eligibility such as physical need, physical and mental capacity to operate it safely and good vision. Fold and go scooters are lightweight, easy to transport and convenient for individuals who need mobility assistance. Features such as baskets, armrests, headlights, rotating seats and extra batteries vary among the different models available.