Online Clinical Research Certification

Admission Requirements

Drexel University's online certificate program is available to clinical professionals who meet admission requirements. An applicant must have a bachelor's degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA and two letters of recommendation. Other admission criteria include a current resume and a self-assessment essay. After all admission requirements are met and approved by the admissions committee, the applicant may begin online courses.

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum consists of three required courses: fundamentals of compliance, introduction to clinical trials and pharmaceutical law in research and development. These courses must be accompanied by two elective courses (chosen from a list of six) for a total of 15 credits. Courses are delivered via an interactive online interface.

Program Tuition and Duration

Depending on the academic year, the program tuition is approximately $1,000 per credit, as of 2010. Some applicants may qualify for a tuition reduction. The duration of the certificate program varies, however most students take one or two courses per semester. If necessary, you can take up to seven years to complete the program. Clinical research certification is specifically designed for medical professionals who work in clinical research trials. A certificate provides evidence of your professional growth and knowledge in the developing clinical research field. Online clinical research certifications are available through a certificate program offered by Drexel University. In order to receive a certificate, you must meet program admission requirements and complete online courses.