How to Save Money On Health Care Through Medical Tourism


Use the internet or a good book on medical tourism to get more information on the topic. Basically, medical tourism is a term used to describe the trend of people traveling to other countries with low costs but good quality of health care to take care of their health care needs at a greatly reduced price


Do your research and and find a good travel agent that offers medical tourism packages. Many travel agencies even offer all inclusive medical tourism packages that will cover airfare, hospital stay, and even sightseeing thrown in for a great price that is only a small fraction of what the surgery alone would cost in the US. Furthermore, a good medical tourism facility will offer world-class treatment


Select your destination based on the type of surgery you need. For instance, Argentina is a good destination for cosmetic surgery, also called plastic surgery. India is a good destination for more serious types of surgery, including heart valve replacements.

Tips and Warnings

  • Make sure to do your research carefully to find a program that fits your budget and needs
  • Carefully check the credentials of the travel agency or the medical tourism facility to make sure they are legit and offer quality care
  • Get good advice from a physician in your home country before embarking on medical tourism.
  • Health care expenses can be financially crippling, especially for surgeries or other complicated treatments. This is especially true if you have limited or no health insurance. Furthermore, some procedures (such as plastic surgery) are not even likely to be covered by health insurance. However, you can greatly reduce your health care expenses through medical tourism. I explain below what this is all about: