How to Purchase a Used Wheelchair


Decide what kind of wheelchair you want. You may want a power chair or a wheelchair that is self propelled. A power chair is ideal for those who have upper body mobility issues. A self propelled wheelchair can enable those who have more upper body strength to move about on their own.


Decide how much you want to pay. Used wheelchairs can vary greatly in price. Some used wheelchairs can cost nearly as much as a new model. If you set up a budget in advance you can easily keep to it. The budget should include all necessary parts of the wheelchair including any cushions and items to use to haul materials.


Look for places that sell used wheelchairs. You can often find wheelchairs for sale online or in the help wanted advertisments pages of local newspapers. Someone may be selling a wheelchair because the person who used it passed away or because they have recovered from an illness and no longer need to use it. Make sure the used wheelchair being advertised fits your needs before you consider buying it.


Check out the wheelchair in person. Avoid buying a wheelchair sight unseen. It is best the purchase the chair where you can examine it closely. The wheelchair should be the right fit for the user. It should also be in good condition. Metal parts should not be rusted. Cushions should be in good shape. The user should be able to turn the chair quickly without a problem.

Tips and Warnings

  • Medicare may help you pay for at least a portion of the costs of the wheelchair even if you are purchasing it used.
  • A wheelchair can be a vitally important piece of equipment. Properly used a wheelchair can help someone who is mobility impaired navigate the world without help. Unfortunately wheelchairs can be expensive. Fortunately a wheelchair can be purchased used. Used wheelchairs can be an ideal combination of necessary mobility aide without great financial expenditure.