How to Find an Insurance Policy Number


Check your policy, if you have one. The policy number should be listed on the declaration page, which is the first page of your policy. The declaration page has the name of the insured, a summary of benefits, the dates of coverage and your policy number.


Look on your insurance card, if you can find it. The policy number may be located on the front or back.


Look for any paperwork or other communication from the insurance company. Your insurance number should be on any letters, bills or other communication. If you purchased the product online, check your email for a receipt.


Call the company who sold you the policy. They should be able to locate the policy number with the insured's Social Security number (SSN).

Tips and Warnings

  • If you've already used your insurance for something, such as a doctor visit, call the office where you were seen and ask if your policy number is on file.
  • An insurance policy number is the key to making a claim, whether you've purchased life, health, auto or travel insurance. The policy number matches you to your policy. It allows a provider to bill an insurance company, an insurance company to keep records and you to gain access to services and benefits. If you've lost your insurance policy number, there are a number of ways you can locate it again.