How to Find a Tricare Doctor


Find the nearest military treatment facility using search tools provided on Tricare's website. Tricare offers members of the military and their families three options for coverage; the most common plan suggests that plan beneficiaries seeking care should start by searching for care at the nearest military treatment facility. Tricare's search tool allows beneficiaries to find doctors at nearby MTFs, no matter where in the world they are.


Search for a Tricare doctor by using Tricare-approved provider directories. Tricare provider directories list doctors at military treatment facilities as well as civilian doctors approved to treat Tricare beneficiaries. Tricare provider directories also list Tricare service centers, where customer service support staff can help you find a doctor as well.


Find a Tricare doctor by searching the American Medical Association's Doctor Finder. Although it is not as straightforward a process as using Tricare resources, Tricare beneficiaries can search for a nearby doctor based on their geographic location, contact the doctor's office and make sure that he or she treats Tricare patients.

Tricare is the U.S. Department of Defense's health care program for members of the military, their families and retirees. Tricare supplements the medical resources of the major military branches with a network of civilian doctors to provide care no matter where soldiers or their families may be. Finding a Tricare doctor is an easy process.