How to Donate Plasma for Money in Connecticut


Find a Connecticut plasma donation center. Check the phone book or do an online search for plasma donation centers. is a good place to start for information and to locate a center.


Meet the eligibility criteria to donate plasma for money in Connecticut. You must be at least 18 years of age and weigh 110 pounds or more. In addition, you must pass a medical history screening and an examination for transmissible viruses, total plasma protein levels and hematocrit/hemoglobin levels. You will go through the screening process on your first visit, which lasts two or three hours.


Gain approval. After your medical examinations, you have to be approved to be a donor. Once you are approved, you can begin donating plasma.


Donate. To donate plasma, you undergo a procedure akin to having your blood drawn. A nurse places a needle in the vein of the arm and collects the whole blood in a sterile, highly specialized medical device. The device separates the plasma from the red blood cells and other cellular components. The red blood cells and cellular components are returned to you, normally with a sterile saline solution to help your body replace the plasma that was removed from the whole blood. You can donate up to two times a week to maximize the amount of money you can make.


Collect payment. According to Donate, because of the time commitment a donor must make when donating plasma, the industry developed a system of donor compensation. Each plasma donation center has its own compensation structure.

Tips and Warnings

  • Bring reading material, because the plasma donation process takes a couple of hours.
  • Donating plasma too frequently could damage your veins.
  • By donating plasma, you are giving the gift of life to someone in need. You also can receive monetary compensation. According to Donating, plasma is the essential starting material for therapies used to treat patients suffering from hemophilia, primary immunodeficiency, and autoimmune and neurological disorders. Plasma is also used during major surgery and for those who have sustained burns or are suffering from trauma. To donate plasma in the state of Connecticut, you must meet certain requirements.