AAA Health Insurance Benefits

AAA provides services to members on and off the road. Health insurance benefits augment the company's travel services. Members should review their current coverage with other providers to explore how an AAA policy can provide additional benefits to cover potential health insurance needs when travelling domestically or internationally, or to provide short-term health insurance coverage.

Emergency Medical Coverage Through Trip Insurance

AAA Trip Insurance provides emergency medical and dental coverage should the need arise while you travel. This is a very beneficial feature of AAA trip insurance coverage because your existing medical insurance may not cover these costs, especially if you are travelling internationally and your primary health insurance provider is Medicare or an HMO.

Most AAA Trip Insurance plans provide up to $10,000 in medical expense coverage. The medical coverage component includes $20,000 in coverage for costs incurred in the event that you (and other AAA-covered travelers) die while travelling abroad, or if the U.S. government advises U.S. citizens to evacuate the country that you are visiting.

Short-term Medical Coverage

AAA provides 30- to 365-day short-term medical coverage policies for those who are unemployed, in between jobs and students. Policies and benefits cover physician visits, vision, dental care and outpatient hospital services. AAA partners with major insurance companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Golden Rule and United Healthcare to underwrite the policies. Availability, benefit levels, and health insurance company partners vary by state. Contact your AAA insurance agent to explore offerings in your area.

Medicare Prescription Drug Supplementary Plans

If you are covered by Medicare Parts A and B, explore getting the AAA Medicare Part D policy for supplementary coverage. This benefit can cover costs that Medicare does not take care of and lower your out-of-pocket expenditures even further.

Prescription Drug Discounts

As the saying goes, "membership has its privileges." Every AAA member gets a Prescription savings card. The card saves members an average of 35 percent off the cost of generic prescription drugs, and up to 20 percent off brand-name medications. You can use the card inside drug stores and for mail-order shipments of medications. Best of all, the card can be used to purchase medications for anyone in your household, including your pets, and is accepted at most drug stores and pharmacies within major grocery stores and retail locations.