How to Better Understand Obama's Health Care Plan


It is important to read about Obama's health care plan from the source. There are many new angles, many of which are biased. These stories can be helpful, but the best place to go is the source, which is the actual health care reform bill. (See first link below).


In your own time, carefully do research on the Internet to know the pro's and con' s of Obama's health care plan. There will be lots of information for and against Obama's plan and the health care reform bill.


As you carefully research Obama's health care plan, take notes.


Any questions that come up as you research, write them down. By writing them down, you can ask them at a local town hall meeting on health care.


By talking to others, you can ask their opinions on this important topic. Talk with friends and others about Obama's health care plan. If your opinions differ, don't get angry, but remain calm and collected.

Tips and Warnings

  • Research the 'pluses' and 'minuses' concerning Obama's Health Care Reform Bill.
  • Because of the huge impact that Obama's health care plan would have on Americans, it is important to understand what is in the plan . President Obama's plan includes a health care reform bill that is over a 1000 pages long. It has generated many questions, many of which are asked and answered in town hall meetings all across the United States. The public is encouraged to speak up and voice their opinions concerning health care reform after they have research the bill. This article will give you advice on where and how to understand Obama's heath care plan.