How to Check Medicare Benefits


Visit Medicare's official website to check your benefits. The benefits section will explain, in detail, what your benefits are based on the part you have. Medicare is broken up into four parts: part A, part B, part C and part D. Depending on the part you have, there are different benefits you are entitled to.


Click on the part you have on the website. Once you click, the website will display the various benefits of a policyholder. It will explain what the part covers and who is eligible for that part. You can verify the benefits you are getting by reviewing those benefits on the website.


Check your monthly Medicare benefit statement for a list of your benefits. This statement will explain what your benefits are and what coverage you have been using. This statement can give you a comprehensive view of your benefits.


Call your local Medicare office and inquire about your Medicare benefits. When you call, tell the representative your name, your Social Security number, and the part you are currently on. The representative has the ability to explain your benefits to you. It may be possible to send you a detailed copy of your benefits for further review. Contacting a Medicare representative may be the best way to check your benefits. The representative can personally review your account and explain in detail what you have.

Medicare is health insurance for individuals 65 years and older. Medicare is free for these individuals and can provide benefits for all health needs. If you need to know what Medicare covers, there are ways to check your benefits. Medicare can be very important to those are in need of premium health care. Checking your benefits is easy and can give you the answers you need.