How to Use Home Health Care Equipment


Find out what health care equipment and supplies you need to assist your senior family member The specific needs of the person you're caring for will determine what home health care supplies you'll need, and your doctor can advise as to the proper invalid care equipment to obtain. It can range from hospital beds to bedpans, and from chairs to blood pressure monitors.


Try to find the most reliable home medical equipment distributors in your area. Word of mouth is always a good way to find out if a distributor is reliable or not. National home medical equipment distributors are even better, especially if you're sharing the care of a family member with others.


Use medical insurance or Medicare for home health care equipment. Find out what insurance your family member has and what it covers in the way of medical equipment. Alternatively, if your senior family member doesn't have health insurance, check your own; if it covers dependents and you're now claiming her as a dependent, it may cover health care equipment.


Hire a home health aide to assist you. Since most people are working full time jobs and don't have anyone at home to care for their senior citizen, it's necessary to hire home health care for him. Be sure the aide you hire knows how to properly use any home health care equipment you've set up.

Tips and Warnings

  • Ascertain whether you need the medical equipment for long-term or short-term use. If your senior citizen is sick, but likely to recuperate relatively quickly, you can rent or buy used invalid medical equipment for her.
  • Some companies will deliver your order right to your door, on the same day you order it.
  • With more adults becoming seniors than ever, home health care equipment as well as nursing homes are at a premium. More families are keeping their senior members at home and they have to know how to care for these family members and what home health care equipment they need to do it.