How to Find out if a Doctor Has Been Sued


Take note of your doctor's full name and place of work, such as the name of the hospital or private practice that has employed the doctor. Ask the doctor or her receptionist, if she previously lived in another state.


Get online and search the Internet for information on your state's medical boards. Each state has their own rules and some will give out more information than others about the background history on a physician.


Check with your local courthouse to find current and previous lawsuits that have been filed. Depending on the state, city or county that you in, you may be able to gain access to this information online. Call the courthouse to find out how you may gain access to these public records.


Visit the medical board by state. These websites will often have more information about a doctor than you will be able to find from other sources. However, it is important to note that it may not always inform you when a doctor has been sued or disciplined.


Get a membership at a premium healthcare website. You will have to pay for this information, but you will be able to find out more about your doctor and their past, than you would on a free site. Great premium websites to check if your doctor has been sued includes Health Grades.

Tips and Warnings

  • A doctor with a lawsuit in their past may have been a victim of fraud, by a greedy patient.
  • You cannot count on one website to find out information about your doctor.
  • A file does not always tell the whole story. Your doctor may have been disciplined for something as simple as forgetting to renew their medical license.
  • A lot of medical malpractice lawsuits end with a confidential clause. The patient will get a check, but only if they promise not to speak about the lawsuit.
  • Always pay attention to medical personnel because your doctor could be an imposter.
  • When you make a visit to a doctor, it is easy to glance at the plaques on his walls or the white coat she wears, and simply assume that he is competent. However, when selecting a physician, you may want to determine whether she has ever been sued for malpractice.