How to Find A CNA Class


First of all, try checking at a hospital that is close. Hospitals offer CNA classes and give preferential employment to people who have taken the class at the hospital. Call the main information desk and ask them about what kind of classes they offer.


Another place you could try looking is at a local college or university. Sometimes these places will offer CNA classes themselves, or will know where classes are offered because Biology students tend to need CNA classes for clinical experience for a medical career. Again, call the information desk and ask them what they have for classes.


The third place that will most assuredly offer CNA classes are local nursing or retirement homes. These places need a constant influx of nurse's aides to help with the residents, and thus offer classes to help train these workers. Like hospitals, they offer preferred employment if you take the class there. Give them a call.

This guide will show you a few place you can look if you'd like to take a CNA training course.