What are the Government Health Insurance Benefits in North Carolina?

The state of North Carolina offers a variety of government health insurance benefits to its residents. Health insurance benefits include plans for children and state employees as well as low income residents and senior citizens. If you qualify to receive health insurance under one of North Carolina's programs, you will have access to medical, dental and vision coverage at no cost or for a minimal cost.

NC Health Choice for Children

The State of North Carolina Childrens Health Insurance Program is funded by both the federal and North Carolina governments and, depending on the income level of the family, provides children under the age of 19 who are not insured with health insurance benefits. Eligibility is determined by social service and county health departments, and children may be provided with free or reduced rates for comprehensive health care, including medical, dental and vision. Under this program, children are covered for outpatient care and hospitalization, as well as prescription drugs, doctor's visits, surgical services and laboratory and radiology services. Children that have special needs may be eligible to receive additional services as required by their condition and that are deemed medically necessary.

Medicaid and Medicare

Government health insurance benefits provide coverage for individuals and families in low income households that receive financial assistance from the state of North Carolina. Medicaid is a federally-governed program but is jointly funded by federal and state governments. Each state is responsible for making its own eligibility rules and criteria, and in North Carolina you must contact the Department of Social Services office in your county to see if you qualify to receive Medicaid.

Another federal program that offers health insurance benefits is Medicare. If you are 65 years old or older or have a disability that is covered under this coverage you may be eligible to receive Medicare. If you have permanent kidney failure and you are being treated with dialysis or have a transplant you also are eligible to receive Medicare benefits.

State Health Plans

If you are employed by the State of North Carolina, you are eligible to participate in the government health insurance benefits provided for state employees. This plan offers insurance benefits to state employees including teachers, state hospital staff, retirees, current and former lawmakers as well as state university and community college staff. As a state employee, you will have access to comprehensive medical benefits to cover your spouse and children as well. Employees have the opportunity to participate in NC HealthSmart, which is the plan's healthy living initiative that promotes healthy lifestyle choices and educates employees on how to take better care of their health.