Sperm Donors Protection of Information


Donors have two options when it comes to their privacy: known or anonymous donations. A known donation is one where the recipient of the sperm knows who the donor is. An anonymous donation keeps the donor's information private from the recipient, meaning the mother and child(ren) will never know who the father is.


Technically, an anonymous donor is not completely anonymous, according to Fertility Pro Registry. The sperm bank receiving the sperm from the donor must know the donor's name and contact information for clinical purposes. Once the sperm is tested for diseases and approved, the donor will be contacted by the sperm bank. At that time, it will be discussed as to whether the donor wishes to have an anonymous donation or a known donation.


Sperm banks should obtain written consent from the donor to release his private information to others, according to California Cryobank. However, not all sperm banks have confidentiality clauses written into their donor policies. It is important to check with the sperm bank to understand how they intend to protect one's information. Sperm donation is a private activity, and some males are uncomfortable with having their personal information given out or shared with others. Males who wish to maintain their anonymity must say so to the sperm bank.