How to Sign up for Online Prescription Ordering


Check to make sure that the pharmacy you use offers online services.
Gather your prescriptions together as you will need the information from
them to place the first order, also keep a pen and paper
close by in case you need it.

Go the your pharmacy Website and create an account. Choose from the menu (usually located on the left hand side) select the button that says "refill prescriptions", from here you will be prompted to provide the store number listed on your prescription and also the RX number of your medication.
There are screen shots of where to find this information at every step of the ordering process to help you with any initial feelings of being unsure


Add each RX number in separately then when you have finished, click next and follow to the next page. At this screen you will be given details of the first three letters of your surname, the name of the medication and if they can provide, the cost of the medication.

Double check to ensure the details are correct then choose what time you wish the medications to be ready for pickup and confirm the order.

A confirmation email is then sent confirming the pharmacy has received
your order


Take the time to sign up for Prescription Management as it streamlines the ordering process even more, making it simpler. Enrollment is in two parts, the first step is completed online then the second step if confirmation via the phone with a pharmacy representative.

Enrolling in the Prescription Management gives you at a glance all medication details, allows you to maintain records online of your pharmaceutical costs. The added bonus is the detailed information of when medications are overdue for ordering, and also provides important information regarding the medications you are currently prescribed. The pages are printable for your convenience.

Many pharmacies offer online services that allow you to order prescription refills without the hassle using
the automated phone service or waiting in line at the pharmacy while your order is filled.
Ordering online takes around ten minutes to set up for the first time, then once that is completed ordering in the future takes just a few minutes.

Once you have enrolled for this free service you will have access to all
pharmaceutical information which includes the number of refills left on each
medication, the prescribing doctors name, date when the prescription was last filled, and any cost charged to you.
If the prescription requires to be renewed you will be promoted by a question which asks if you wish the pharmacy to arrange for the authorization from your doctor.

From the time of ordering, medications can be available in as little as one hour,
no longer is there any reason to lose valuable time waiting.