How to Qualify for Medicaid in Maryland


Find out if any of the Medicaid category descriptions apply to you. Maryland Medicaid only covers certain groups of people -- these groups include children, pregnant women, families, women with cervical or breast cancer, and adults who are over 65 years of age, disabled or blind. All applicants must have limited incomes and resources.


Determine if you meet Maryland Medicaid's income and assets guidelines. Each group has its own set of income and assets limits. For example, if you are applying for your family or children, the total household income for a family of three must not exceed $1,769 per month and total assets must not amount to more than $3,100. For income and asset limits of all Medicaid groups, see "Questions and Answers about Medicaid Eligibility and Benefits" on Maryland's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene website.


Locate the DSS office nearest to you by using the DSS office directory listed on DHMH's website. Alternatively, call 800-332-6347 to find out which DSS office to go to.


Gather documents that show your Maryland residency, your citizenship status in the United States, age and how much income and assets you have. If applicable, you may need to show proof of disability and pregnancy.


Contact your local DSS office and file an application to find out if you qualify for Maryland Medicaid. When you go to the office, expect to fill out an application and participate in an interview with a caseworker. The caseworker will ask you questions about your financial situation and whether or not you have other forms of health insurance. Bring the documents that support the information that you provide on the application for verification purposes.

Tips and Warnings

  • Call 800-492-5231 if you have questions about qualifying for Medicaid in Maryland.
  • Medicaid considers any money that is coming into your household as income; some examples include wages, child support, Social Security and disability benefits. Assets are bank accounts, cash, stocks and real estate.
  • The income and assets limits are only general guidelines; if your income and assets exceed Medicaid's limits, you may still submit an application.
  • Medicaid is a healthcare program that helps low-income families, children, aged and disabled adults get medical care and other health services. Each state has its own rules about who can get Medicaid benefits, and Maryland is no exception. You must submit an application to your local Department of Social Services, or DSS, office in Maryland to find out if you qualify for benefits. If you are without health insurance and you need it, you are encouraged to apply even if you don't think you fit the criteria for Maryland Medicaid.