How to Get Your Prescriptions Filled Faster


Fill your prescription on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. The busiest days at the pharmacy are Fridays, when many people get paid, and the first and last days of the month. Mondays can also be a nightmare, as people who get sick on the weekend often wait until Monday to go to the doctor.


Use a slower volume pharmacy, even if it's inconvenient. Large chains constantly struggle with long lines and understaffing. By driving an extra mile to frequent a family-owned or grocery store pharmacy, you'll spend less time waiting and be greeted by a staff that has more time to talk to you about your needs.


Look into e-prescribing. Doctors, physician's assistants and nurse practitioners can use computer software to transmit a prescription directly to a pharmacy's computer system or fax machine. This method cuts down on filling time (unlike a voicemail that may go unnoticed) so there is a better chance your medications are waiting for you when you arrive.


Utilize the Internet for refills. Many pharmacies can give you a username and password to request refills online. When your medications are ready, they can also send you an email or call to let you know.


Get on a first name basis with your pharmacist. There is a greater chance he or she will make your needs a priority if you are a friend.

Getting your prescriptions filled faster is not always your safest option. While you don't want to wait in line for your medications--especially when you're feeling ill--you do want pharmacy staff to be confident they are giving you both the correct drug and the correct dosage. However, there are simple ways you can take to get in and out in a timelier fashion.